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Jazz Vocal class starting Monday July 22 7PM. Enrollment due by this Friday July 19th. Spider is also taking private students. Call for details.

Posted by David Bloom on Jul 18, 2013 3:07:00 PM

Spider Saloff is the winner of five MAC Awards (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) including Best Female Jazz Vocalist, as well as the recipient of the Chicago Gold Coast Award for Excellence in Live Performance and also of a special citation from NARAS (The Grammy's). This World Class artist has taught vocalists at the Bloom School of Jazz for over a decade. As a concert jazz vocal artist, actress, songwriter and playwright with 8 national recordings, Ms. Saloff has been acclaimed world wide. She was featured with Chicago Jazz Orchestra's tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at Millennium Park to an audience of over 26,000. Saloff's Gershwin tribute The Memory of All That headlined in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her concert venues include: Auditorium Theater, Smithsonian Institution, Wilmington Grand Opera, Wallingford Symphony, Illinois State Symphony, Castro Theater, and New York's Town Hall and Lincoln Center.
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Jazz Vocals Student - Satya Gummuluri

Posted by Phil Bruni on Oct 5, 2011 4:01:00 PM

"I came to the Bloom School trained in the very different tradition of Indian classical music. I wanted to understand various elements of jazz, from the basics of harmony and rhythm, to nuances of improvisation within the context, subtleties in composition and expression, to building a deeper appreciation of what I listen to. All of the with no training in Western music and armed only with a keen ear. David works with me within my framework of musical understanding. He never imposes a canned method or rigid way of thinking, giving me only the mantra of aiming to produce the highest level of aesthetic as I express who I am. Within a short period of time on this journey at the Bloom School, I have picked up skills and knowledge in the jazz language and have surprised myself. There is a genuine interest in the students growth... that's a rare gift in a teacher."

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Bloom School of Jazz Offers Skype Video Lessons

Posted by Phil Bruni on Jul 22, 2011 10:03:00 PM

If you live far from Chicago, and would like greatly improve your musical knowledge and expression this summer, you can! The Bloom School of Jazz now offers live Skype Video 1-on-1 classes from Chicago (you can be anywhere in the world!). Get the full benefit of a real private session, in the comfort of your own home. The assignments are the same, the curriculum is the same, and the philosophy is the same - and you never have to leave your home practice space. Technology can make learning jazz quite convenient!

To set up an appointment, begin by requesting to share contact details with bloomschooljazz on Skype (note the "of" is not included!). We will then contact you shortly about setting up an orientation video chat!

Even better, Skype is FREE to use. If you don't have a copy, simply choose what kind of computer to the right, follow the link, and download it today.

Click here now.

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Jazz School Experience Series: Escaping Yourself to Be You Part 2

Posted by David Bloom on Feb 5, 2011 9:55:00 AM

Escaping Yourself to Be You (Part 2)

I had a student named Joseph who had already played with numerous national stars when he first came in for an evaluation. During our first meeting he played only fast notes. It was clear to me that he had spent a lot of time on technique and was an accomplished guitarist but not a strong musician. His self-conscious desire to impress was greater than his desire to express. In his first exercise with me, he was forbidden from playing flurries of fast notes. This restrictive demand was the best thing that could have happened to him. Over time he discovered his individual expression, sense of lyricism and learned that technique must always serve an expressive idea.

Another student, Bob, was an excellent example of the converse. When he walked into the school the first time he had very poorly developed physical dexterity but as I listened to him, he revealed a selflessness and intuition for musical direction and expression. The last thing on his mind was that I was in the room. He had given in to the music and there was nothing to prove. The music had eclipsed his ego.

Self-consciousness on the bandstand can be heard, and can easily be noticed when the player is looking around the room to see if anyone is watching them while they are playing. They are taking "affirmation inventory" as they play; checking out who likes them or who looks impressed with them. Another example of self-consciousness occurs when a musician plays a barrage of undirected notes that communicate that they have no reason to be played other than to demonstrate to the audience that the player has Olympian technique and is "bad" (meaning dangerous). Hiding ones vulnerability with this desperate and cynical approach gives jazz a bad name. These musicians seem to give in to their worst feelings about themselves, which is, that they can't be appreciated for being themselves and have to put on a dog and pony show to elicit a favorable response.

Great jazz players teach you an appreciation of what you have inside you and what you love. Conforming to conventions, attitudes and behaviors is only about what other people think and do. Discipline, focus, sacrifice and heart are the tools used to respect your own life and to conquer your demons.

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A’s and F’s in Jazz Schools

Posted by David Bloom on Dec 6, 2010 6:17:00 PM

In America, people who get A’s are smart, disciplined, and will help to enlighten society. And people who get F’s are stupid, uncreative, and probably will have no effect on society. Right? 

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Next OPEN HOUSE : October 9th, 2:30pm

Posted by Phil Bruni on Sep 26, 2010 7:52:00 PM

The Bloom School of Jazz "Open House" is a great way to learn more about how the school can help you achieve your musical goals. You will have the opportunity to speak with faculty, meet current students, and see first hand what separates the Bloom School of Jazz from all other music schools.

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