David Bloom

One of Chicago's most innovative educators, David Bloom stimulates creativity in people across all disciplines. Founder of Bloom School of Jazz, and recognized as Jazz Educator of the Year by The Jazz Institute of Chicago in 2017, his spirit of imagination and pride has reached thousands of students over the past four decades. The School’s 38th Anniversary Cool Heat Concert aired on Chicago’s WTTW television and featured some of Bloom’s Grammy-winning students. Bloom, a guitarist and flautist, has been featured in Chicago Tribune, Chicago Jazz Magazine and Guitar Player Magazine, as well as WGN Channel 9 and CBS Channel 2. He judges his validity by his ability to successfully impact others and is fascinated by how people act, think and what motivates them. Bloom’s current projects include:

  • What Is Soul? Documentary featuring Studs Terkel among others.
  • The Bloom Foundation 501(c)3
  • Fire and Form Publishing, with 8 instructional books distributed through Hal Leonard.
  • American Music Street, an entertainment venue with ten clubs, a main stage and interactive musical activities encouraging everyone to experience music as a listener and a player.
  • Recently completed 10-song album by David Bloom and Cliff Colnot.

An accomplished guitarist and flutist performing in Chicago for many years, he opened The Bloom School of Jazz in 1975. Bloom’s jazz-as-language approach incorporates linguistics, philosophy, aesthetics and music. By listening to jazz masters, Bloom has taken their musical values and developed exercises that demand those sensibilities. Through the years, thousands of students have discovered that their abilities far exceeded their original expectations.

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His innovative methods break through musical and psychological barriers. Jazz, classical, rock, blues, flamenco, country and pop musicians have come to the Bloom School to expand their musical vocabulary and to enhance their own particular genre. Classes such as The Perfect Set, where students complete an entire album/set of material, as well as Guitar-obics and Black-Out, keep students engaged and growing.

Some of Bloom’s most notable students are: Graham Mabe (bass player with Joe Jackson), Rob Mazurek, Chad Taylor, Regina Brown, Steve Rodby (13- time Grammy Winner, bass player with Pat Metheny), Cliff Colnot (Conductor at DePaul University), Larry Gray, Mark Yonally (Chicago Tap Theatre), Tom Burrell (CEO, Burrell Advertising), Blanche Manning (Federal Judge), Mark Colby, Rob Parton, Peter Lerner, Mike Raynor, Bill Horburg (Hollywood producer, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Cold Mountain) and Alex Wurman (Hollywood film composer, March of The Penguins and Anchorman).

The author of eight music method books, from Rhythms Around the Body to Ear Training-Sight Singing, he is also working on Jazz = Art = Life, a book introducing an interwoven way of seeing, hearing and being in the world.   

For more details, visit www.davidbloomworks.com.