Private Courses at Bloom School of Jazz (any age, any instrument)

This is your chance to study with David Bloom

 "Jazz Educator of the Year" (Jazz Institute of Chicago, 2017)

The emphasis of these courses is on musical storytelling; while addressing technique, music theory and presentation. Many students report major leaps in their playing within a few months of study. Read testimonials here.

Private Courses are scheduled in 7-week terms. See Bloom School Schedule for more information on dates or call (773) 860-8300 with any questions. 
Private courses at the Bloom School of Jazz are for any age, any instrument and any genre:
  • Jazz, classical, rock, blues, flamenco, country and pop musicians have come to the Bloom School to expand their musical vocabulary and to enhance their own particular genre.
  • Instruments taught range from drums, guitar and bass to horns, strings and and more. 
  • Students range in age from 10 to 100.
About David Bloom
An accomplished guitarist and flutist performing in Chicago for many years, he opened The Bloom School of Jazz in 1975. Bloom’s jazz-as-language approach incorporates linguistics, philosophy, aesthetics and music. By listening to jazz masters, Bloom has taken their musical values and developed exercises that demand those sensibilities. Through the years, thousands of students have discovered that their abilities far exceeded their original expectations. His innovative methods break through musical and psychological barriers. 
An in-person or Skype evaluation is required for all new students.
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Call (773) 860-8300 for more information.

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