The Bloom School of Jazz 

The institution was conceived in 1975 when David Bloom taught theory and ear-training to eager instrumentalists of every type from his classroom on Rush Street, upstairs from the supper club and jazz lounge, Jilly’s. After listening to jazz groups, Motown bands in the mid-60’s and blues musicians such as Buddy Guy, Bloom began to realize that jazz music was about personal expression.

Observing the masters and articulating their concepts was, and continues to be, the driving force of his program. 

Four years after the school opened its doors the jazz combo program was born. Musicians could now focus on group interaction, building arrangements, and crafting the nuances that make a jazz combo’s sound sparkle. Throughout the years Bloom has seen many musicians pass through his tutelage, including notable musicians; Zach Brock, Steve Rodby, Rob Mazurek, Chad Taylor, Larry Gray, Ryan Cohan, and Cliff Colnot.



From his years of listening and performing, Bloom always strives to impart to his pupils not only what constitutes a good solo but what makes a good musician: “When you listen to Coltrane, or any great musician, [you] don’t hear an ounce of self-reference . . . all I hear are people showing us how much they love music, how much they revere it.” It’s not about ego, it’s about serving the music.

  -Excerpt from Chicago Jazz Magazine Article by Chris White