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Soul Catcher Central Closes Today

Posted by David Bloom on Nov 15, 2023 6:19:51 PM

There is a magic building in Chicago located at 232 East Ohio Street. For years and years musical magicians have had their souls captured on tape there.

I first went to Chicago Recording Company in the late 80s to see a Bloom School alumnus, Cliff Colnot, produce a 57 person one-minute commercial. I was stunned to watch him complete this huge production in 20 minutes. 

Since my introduction to CRC, I have recorded over 75 tunes there. With the help of recording engineer Steve Weeder and my collaborator Cliff Colnot’s producing and arranging, 5 CD’s of original tunes were created. Many BSOJ alumni have played on these sessions, such as Rob Parton, Mark Colby, Ryan Cohan and many others. 

In this expansive studio, we were able to record our Shadow of a Soulalbum, including tunes such as “For Eddie P.,” “Yin and Yang” and “Shadow of a Soul” to name a few. (Click titles of tunes to view the videos, or see below).

Some of these tunes included ensembles with over a dozen string players, plus horns, woodwinds and rhythm sections. Top musicians from Chicago and New York as well as other cities joined us to bring our music to life. Many BSOJ students, whether amateur, semi-pro, or pro, experienced one of the world's top studios. 

Chicago Recording Company will continue to do post-production work, but it will no longer be doing recording sessions.

From Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, to BSOJ students and Bloom/Colnot sessions, musicians from all backgrounds have enjoyed having their souls caught at CRC. The legacy of the studio will flourish through the albums recorded there. We thank you CRC for everything you’ve captured!