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Getting going on your practicing

Posted by Phil Bruni on Sep 1, 2010 10:16:00 PM

To me, the single most irritating thing in the world is laziness to get started with practicing, working out... whatever. The easiest thing to do is just sit there watching television, staring at the ceiling, or playing some mind sucking game on your phone. So how do you fix this? How do you not loathe getting started doing something you know you love, with all these other distractions around?

Inspire yourself. If you like to play guitar, then listen to Wes Montgomery take an 8 chorus solo, and if you are doing some deep listening , you may need to jump onto your axe no later than the 4th chorus. This applies to anything: singing, sports, you name it.

Go out today and get inspired. Who knows what amazing things will come from it.

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