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Video for "When You See Me", Original Jazz/R&B Tune for Trayvon Martin

Posted by David Bloom on Aug 23, 2013 6:48:00 PM

Chicago, Illinois- August 23, 2013- Yesterday's musical epiphany has become today's great music as students, faculty, and musicians associated with Chicago's Bloom School of Jazz came together to record both video and audio for the original tune, "When You See Me."


Inspired by the recent events related to the Trayvon Martin tragedy and subsequent trial and acquittal of George Zimmerman, the song was written by vocalist and instructor Spider Saloff. The resulting audiovisual representation is sure to spark plenty of conversation.

Saloff hopes to get a message across- one of accepting, understanding, and celebrating the differences among our fellow Americans."We don't have to have incidents like this, if we can just learn to see each other," said Saloff about the meaning of the song.

 For the recording, David Bloom chose two BSJ vocal students to join her, representing a diverse range of age, race, and stage of life: Jewel Tancy, and Max Homung.

Cameras captured the recording of "When You See Me" at Rax Trax Chicago for posterity. Saloff contributed the lyrics and melody; David Bloom arranged the tune and produced and directed the project, which featured Pat Fleming(guitar), Chris Cameron(organ), Khari Parker (drums), and Tony Brown(bass).

The result of the efforts of all these musicians is a socially relevant piece of music. It is a plea for reason and tolerance, and a remembrance of a life cut short so senselessly, backed by the rare sound of real people, playing actual instruments.

 Other contributors to the recording include cameramen Eric and Justin Woods and engineer Rick Barns. The tune will be released, as will an accompanying video, with one mission in mind: fostering a rational and long-overdue conversation in this country about race, stereotypes, and how to move forward in a positive way.


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