Evaluation Appointment Information

Evaluation appointments are mandatory for new students. This is not a "tryout" session. The purpose is to give you and the instructor an idea of your current abilities, and what is the best course for you. The evaluation includes:

  1. Testing your ear, technique, improvisation abilities, chord and scale knowledge, timing, and execution.
  2. A lesson explaining what your strong and weak points currently are, and what can be done to immediately begin strengthening your playing.
  3. Practicing guidance to improve your musical self-esteem, joy in practicing, getting "un-stuck" so you can move to the next level, opening your ear to new harmonies, and more.  

Student's will leave with a fresh and effective outlook on where they currently stand musically, and what steps are required to take their playing farther. The evaluation lesson includes a $50 charge, which can be applied towards any course upon registration.

If you choose not to take a course after the evaluation, you are sure to walk away with invaluable knowledge regarding your playing, with a wealth of information on how to improve.

Bloom School of Jazz Demonstration

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